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Welcome back!

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It’s been a while (due to working in the Basque Country, moving across the country, studying, etc), enough for some things to change…

  • There is a new speed limit of 110km/h.
  • I have moved to windy Zaragoza to study a Master’s degree.

and others to stay almost exactly the same…

  • Not only has nothing been done about Camps, he’s been confirmed as the PP candidate for Valencia
  • We still have no idea if José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero will be the PSOE’s candidate for the elections next year.
  • Unemployment is rising.
  • The abertzale’s new political platform Sortu has been widely condemned for being a renamed Batasuna (where else was it going to come from?)
  • The PP blame the economic problems on Zapatero and nothing else.
  • More corruption have come to light (and seem to doom the PSOE’s chances of holding onto Andalucía).
  • The PP continues to rumble on about the caso Faisán.
  • Aznar continues to opine on anything and everything, with varying degrees of success and scandal.

I hope to have some new entries on the way shortly.

Welcome back!


Welcome to my blog, ‘Reflections on Spain’, which will attempt to provide an interesting account of economic, political and social affairs in Spain, all from the viewpoint from an Englishman, living and teaching in Asturias.

I’m going to kick off with a piece about Aznar’s famous finger, before a few articles about the economic situation here and what I consider to be the problems (and perhaps even the solutions.) I don’t pretend to be an expert but I feel I can offer a critical opinion of the goings on in this large and diverse country.

There’ll also be some articles about society, demographics and politics, all with something of a historical bent, and which will hopefully offer a different perspective to those who are only familiar with Madrid and Barcelona.

Any questions or comments, please get in touch.

¡Hasta pronto!