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Welcome back!

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It’s been a while (due to working in the Basque Country, moving across the country, studying, etc), enough for some things to change…

  • There is a new speed limit of 110km/h.
  • I have moved to windy Zaragoza to study a Master’s degree.

and others to stay almost exactly the same…

  • Not only has nothing been done about Camps, he’s been confirmed as the PP candidate for Valencia
  • We still have no idea if José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero will be the PSOE’s candidate for the elections next year.
  • Unemployment is rising.
  • The abertzale’s new political platform Sortu has been widely condemned for being a renamed Batasuna (where else was it going to come from?)
  • The PP blame the economic problems on Zapatero and nothing else.
  • More corruption have come to light (and seem to doom the PSOE’s chances of holding onto Andalucía).
  • The PP continues to rumble on about the caso Faisán.
  • Aznar continues to opine on anything and everything, with varying degrees of success and scandal.

I hope to have some new entries on the way shortly.

Welcome back!